LAPIS pisara

LAPIS pisara
LAPIS pisara
Tuotetta rajoitettu erä.
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Saatavuus Varastossa
Tuotenumero 270017



Alkuperä (todennäköinen) : 

Paino ( ct noin ) : 3,3

Mitat ( mm noin ) : 12,5 x 9,5 x 4

Hionta : Cabochon

Puhtaus : Opaque

               Erinomainen         Erittäin hyvä         Hyvä            ”kakkosluokkaa”

Hionta                                                              X

Loisto                                                               X

Väri                                               X

Ominaista : hyvä sähkönsininen luonnollinen kuvio

Unlike most other gem materials, lapis lazuli is a complex aggregate of several minerals particularly hauyne, sodolite, nosean, and lazurite. The indefinite composition of the material affects it properties and the density ranges between 2.7 and 2.9. Lapis is also frequently found with inclusions of pyrite. The most famous locality for lapis is in North Eastern Afghanistan.
Known Facts
Color Key:Blue, greenish-blue, violet blue
Refractive Index:1.50
Chemical Composition:A complex aggregate
Crystal Group:Not applicable
Ocurrence:Afganistan, Pakistan, Chile, Russia, U.S.A., Angola, Burma
Lapis is tough enough to be used in many kinds of jewelry and is also often carved.