Kromi Diopsiidi 6mm pari trillion hionta

Kromi Diopsiidi 6mm pari trillion hionta
Kromi Diopsiidi 6mm pari trillion hionta
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$ 162.25
Saatavuus Varastossa
Tuotenumero 350017

Kromi Diopsiidi / chrome diopside

Alkuperä (todennäköinen) : Burma

Paino yhteensä ( ct noin ) : 1,6

Mitat ( mm noin ) : 6 x 6 x 3,5

Hionta : viistehiottu

Puhtaus :VS

               Erinomainen         Erittäin hyvä         Hyvä            ”kakkosluokkaa”

Hionta              X

Loisto              X

Väri                 X

Ominaista : kirkas läpinäkyvä kromi diopsiidi, kirkkaan loistavan vihreä

hakusanoja : kromi diopsiidi,chrome diopside,vihreä,pari,kolmio,trillion


Diopside is an important rock forming mineral in several metamorphic and basic to ultra basic igneous rocks, also found in meteorites. Diopside is a part of an important solid solution series of the pyroxene group.

Known Facts
Color Key:pale bluish green or dark blue green, brownish green or dark blue green. yellowish green or yellow bluish green. 
Refractive Index::1.665 - 1.730
Chemical Composition:CaMgSi2O6
Density:3.25 - 3.55
Crystal Group:Monoclinic
In appearance, diopside may be confused with peridot, demantoid, zircon, enstatite, grossularite, tourmaline, chrysoberyl, or grossularite. Diopside has perfect cleavage and is somewhat difficult to facet. 

Diopside has several varieties, including a chromium-rich gem variety called chrome diopside. Violan is rare blue variety found in some localities in Italy. There is also a green "cat's eye" variety that contains minute inclusions, probably of rutile, that reflect light in such a way as to produce a lively linear luminscence within the crystal. Still another variety is quite dark, with included rutile needles aligned so as to produce a 4-rayed star, hence the name star diopside. Ordinary diopside is typically white or green and can have a nice glassy luster. While the color of chrome diopside is much brighter, many specimens of ordinary diopside are also cut for gemstones. Mineral specimens of diopside can be very striking in appearance, and of interest to mineral collectors.