Bolivian Ametisti pisara 15ct

Bolivian Ametisti pisara 15ct
Bolivian Ametisti pisara 15ct Bolivian Ametisti pisara 15ct Bolivian Ametisti pisara 15ct Bolivian Ametisti pisara 15ct Bolivian Ametisti pisara 15ct Bolivian Ametisti pisara 15ct

luonnollinen Ametriini jalokivi pisara hionta bolivia

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Tuotenumero 240016


Reference no :  240016

Color description:    vaaleasta violetista kellertäviin sävyihin

Origin :  Bolivia

Clarity :   Eye clean 

Shape   :  pisara

Cutting :  Portuguese 

Length  (  mm )              18,6

Width   (  mm )               15

Depth   (  mm )               9,7

Weight    ( cts )               15

Kirkas  harvinaisempi hionta malli Ametriini, jossa kirkas violetin sävy vaihtuu ametriinin kellertävään

Ametrine is the trade name given to an unusual variety of quartz which exhibits the colors of both amethyst and citrine side by side. In Ametrine, two quartz varieties namely purple Amethyst and golden Citrine are naturally occurring in the same gemstone. The trade name of Bolivianite was suggested at one point but the material is today overwhelmingly known as ametrine. 

Known Facts
Color Key:purple, violet, yellow
Refractive Index:1.544 - 1.553
Chemical Composition:SiO2
Crystal Group:Hexagonal
Ocurrence:Brazil, Bolivia

The discovery of Ametrine is shrouded in legends and mystery. According to Jean Marc Tressiere, Europeans first learned of Ametrine in the 17th century when a Spanish conquistador presented a spectacular bi-colored gemstone to the Spanish Queen. That Ametrine was from the Bolivian mine which he received as a dowry when he married a princess from the native Ayoreos tribe.

But it wasn't until the 1970s that Ametrine actually appeared on the international market and although it was well received, speculations initially arose that it was an artificially treated gem combining the irradiation and heat treatment of Brazilian Amethysts. Despite the original doubts, by the 1990s it was confirmed that most of the ametrine on the market was 100% natural, and came from only one mine in Bolivia.

Ametrine remains one of the most underrated gemstones with a price almost equal to regular amethyst. As with other bicolored gemstones, ametrine is usually cut as an emerald cut in order to clearly display the two colored effect and is generally only used for custom or one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.

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