Rhodoliitti granaatti 5,5mm

Rhodoliitti granaatti 5,5mm
Rhodoliitti granaatti 5,5mm

pyöreä briljantti hiottu vadelman punainen rhodoliitti granaatti jalokivi 5,5mm / 3ct

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Rhodolite garnet  / rhodoliitti granaatti

Color Description: Medium Dark Slightly Purplish Red
: Medium Dark Slightly Purplish Red
Clarity: Eye clean to Slightly included
Image Light Source: Incandescent Light
Shape: Round
Cut: Portuguese
Length (MM): 5.50
Width (MM): 5.50
Weight (CTS): 0.868
Enhancement:  (N) None
Origin: Africa

Rhodolite garnet is the name applied to a mixture of pyrope and almandite. Rhodolite tends to be lighter in color than most other kinds of red garnets. It can be easily confused with rubies because of the similarity in color.
Known Facts
Color Key:red, purple-red
Refractive Index:1.75 - 1.77
Chemical Composition:Al2(SiO4)3
Density:3.74 - 3.94
Crystal Group:Cubic
Ocurrence:Brazil, East Africa, Ceylon, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe
Rhodolite garnets should be differentiated from its darker cousins red-like almandine and pyrope. The mixture of red and violet in rhodolites is highly desirable and popular. Purple or purple-red is the most expensive and sought color for rhodolite and large clean transparent stones are uncommon and valuable.

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