tulenoranssi Spessartiini Granaatti 5mm

tulenoranssi Spessartiini Granaatti 5mm
tulenoranssi Spessartiini Granaatti 5mm
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Spessartiini Granaatti

Reference #: 110259
Color Description: Medium Yellowish Orange
Clarity: Eye clean to Slightly included
Image Light Source: Studio Daylight
Shape: Oval
Cut: Step Cut
Length (MM): 5.00
Width (MM): 4.00
Weight (CTS): 0.565
Enhancement:  (N) None
Origin: East Africa

Ominaista : 

Spessartiini Granaatti, erikoisen tulen punainen väri kirkkaassa granaatti jalokivessä

As members of the garnet group, spessartites are noteworthy for their high refractive index and radiant brilliance. And while gemologists usually refer to them as Spessartites, the trade name “Mandarin Garnet” has also been adopted for the bright orangey Fanta like colors. The orange color is due to the presence of Manganese.

Known Facts
Color Key:Orange, yellow, brown
Refractive Index:1.79-1.81
Chemical Composition:Mn3Al2(SiO4)3
Crystal Group:Cubic
Ocurrence:Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Germany, Ceylon, Burma, Nigeria, Madagascar.

Spessartite has always been a rare stone. Recent discoveries in Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Tanzania led to an increase in production but pockets of clean material have proven to be illusive. Although the output was significant, the percentage of fine material in larger sizes has always been small.