moonstone 9mm

moonstone 9mm
moonstone 9mm

Kuukivi / moonstone

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Alkuperä (todennäköinen) :  Itä - Afrikka

Paino ( ct noin ) : 2

Mitat ( mm noin ) :  9 x 7 x 4,3

Hionta : cobochon

Puhtaus : TL

                       Erinomainen       Erittäin hyvä           Hyvä       ”kakkosluokkaa”

Hionta                                             X

Loisto                       X

Väri                          X

Ominaista : kirkas kuukivi, jossa utuiset loisteet


Moonstone is the most well known variety of orthoclase feldspar. It characteristically exhibits a milky floating blue light known as adularescence or the schiller effect. This lovely sheen is due to a combination of orthoclase and albite arranged in layers. Light reflected from the layers if they are not too thick is responsible for the unusual optical properties.
Known Facts
Color Key:white, blueish white.
Refractive Index:1.518 – 1.526
Chemical Composition:KalSI3O8
Hardness:6 – 6.50
Density:2.55 – 2.57
Crystal Group:Monoclinic
Ocurrence:Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Burma, Tanzania, U.S.A.
Moonstone is usually fashioned en cabochon with the blue colors commanding higher prices.
A new kind of moonstone has also been recently discovered in Tanzania. Potassium-feldspar (K-feldspar) alcali feldspar, or moonstone with weak asterism, the stones exhibit cat's eyes with a weaker ray perpendicular to the eye producing a four ray star in some specimens. We call it "sunstar".