Briljantti Akvamariini 6,5mm kuvallisella aitoustodistuksella

Briljantti  Akvamariini 6,5mm  kuvallisella aitoustodistuksella
Briljantti  Akvamariini 6,5mm  kuvallisella aitoustodistuksella
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Akvamariini / aquamarine

 mukana kuvallinen aitoustodistus  0e.

Alkuperä (todennäköinen) : Madagasgar

Paino ( ct noin ) : 0,6

Mitat ( mm noin ) : 6,5 x 6,5 x 3,5

Hionta : viistehiottu

Puhtaus :VVS

               Erinomainen         Erittäin hyvä         Hyvä            ”kakkosluokkaa”

Hionta               X

Loisto               X

Väri                  X

Ominaista : kirkas hyväloisteinen aquamariini briljantti hiottu jalokivi


Aquamarine, is a member of the beryl family. The word aquamarine is derived from the Latin word for sea-water because the colors can range from light green-blue to blue. Although aquamarine can be easily confused with blue topaz, it is much more scarce and valuable. Aquamarine is tough enough to used as a ring or pendant center stone. 

Known Facts
Color Key:Blue, Green-blue.
Refractive Index::1.577(+-.016), 1.583 (+-.017)
Chemical Composition:Be3Al2(SiO3)6
Crystal Group:Hexagonal
Ocurrence:Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Russia, and U.S.A.
Sign of the Zodiac:Pisces
Month of the year:March
Aquamarine prices are primarily a function of their color and subtle differences in hue and tone will markedly affect the value of the material. Dark aquamarines are considered to be the most valuable. It is commonly heated to decrease the green and enhance the blue. The treatment is generally accepted in the trade and is permanent. 

The birthstone for March, legends say that it is the treasure of mermaids, with the power to keep sailors safe at sea. Aquamarine protects against the wiles of the devil. A dream of aquamarine means that you will meet new friends.


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